Uncut and unforgettable: full-scale branding for the experience agency in Croatia

Storiz Experience Agency

– We are a travel agency for organizing unique experience tours through Croatia and neighboring countries. We want to share our knowledge and experience and openly talk to our guests about the way we live, what makes us happy and proud, what bothers us, and what we like to eat when family gets together for Sunday lunch.

Our task was to conduct researches, develop brand positioning, verbal and visual identity and communication strategy for the experience agency in Croatia. The brand positioning implied human approach to business, where every client is treated as a friend. Therefore, willingness to share secrets was emphasized in its verbal identity: name Storiz and slogan Uncut. Unforgettable.

Visual brand identity maintained the concept by introducing a message in a bottle together with a stamp sign and multicolored pieces that symbolize diversity of experiences. Subsequently, a concise guideline was created, followed by the communication strategy with the Unbelievable Truth concept.

To be always relevant the brand idea not only should reflect the benefits of the service, but also should solve the global scale problems.

Name and slogan



Museo Sans Rounded сorporate font

Corporate templates

Custom-made stamp is one of the major branding tools.