A strong one: strategic and designer solutions for tough guys from Belarus

Stant Fastener Technology

Stant is one of the largest fastener suppliers in Belarus. It stands to mention, that unlike the majority of businesses that use Russian language in brand communications, Stant is brave enough to carry on a dialogue in Belarusian. Thus, besides strong fasteners, strong quality requirements and a strong team, it also has strong principles.

Although we’ve created the initial logotype five years earlier while working in a different studio, cooperation restarted with brand positioning and A strong one! corporate motto approximately two years ago. Identity, based on the new positioning, triggered further development of Stant brand.

A strong one! concept is represented in all brand communications, including cars, corporate calendars and billboards. Furthermore, packaging that is being printed and assembled in China has been created. The challenge was to develop a precise guideline, clear and universal enough so that anyone regardless of nationality understands it.

Nowadays Stant Fastener Technology has several representation offices throughout the country and partners among leading manufacturers from China, Poland, Russia, Taiwan and other countries. But what is more important, the brand supports native language and makes a difference by helping Belarusian culture stand out. 

Stant. A strong one!

Packaging guideline for Asian contractors

Label guideline. Boxes with metalware arrive to a warehouse in Minsk to receive labels.

Corporate transport delivers packaged fasteners to a client.

Corporate transport in the street

Calendar grid has been upgrading for 3 years.