Galactic cow and a new ice cream brand from Denmark

Moon Ice Cream

A team of Danish entrepreneurs started to use dry ice in ice cream production to reach the “smoke effect” without the appliance of liquid nitrogen. They turned it into a real show by driving a cargo-bike around Copenhagen and preparing “smoky” ice cream along the way. The challenge was to reflect the innovativeness of the product while addressing the youngest audience and those who still believe they are kids.

The space concept, followed by a newly created name, logo and a patriotic galactic cow was reflected on Moon Ice Cream website: “What is the Moon? A star? A piece of cheese? The galactic cow dashes through all challenges to the stars to prove that in reality the Moon is a huge delicious scoop of Moon Ice Cream”.

Moon team introduced various ice cream flavors, such as The Friday Beer and Apple Cake; the first one had unprecedented success at Copenhagen Startup Weekend – a worldwide event supported by the Seattle Startup Weekend headquarters.

Branding principle: scale and color

Space flavours