Launching a brand at an international construction exhibition

Nordo Roofing and Fence Systems

Nordo is a manufacturer and distributor of roofing and fence systems made out of light-gage metal. Besides creating a full-scale identity we have prepared a newborn brand for launch at an international construction exhibition. STROYEXPO is an ultimate event in the Belarusian construction industry, held for almost 20 years in row. Every year it unites more than 200 companies from 15 European, Asian and CIS countries.

In the shortest time possible we designed an 18-square-meter pavilion, a promo counter, and an exterior structure. Just before the big day, we arrived to the exhibition center to supervise preparations and make several executive decisions on site. The next day we joined our client during exhibition opening to celebrate NORDO brand launch. 

Fascia panels and lighting

Pavilion covering scheme

Promotional counter