Putting a heart to work: a logo for a self-monitoring platform that connects patients and their clinicians

Daybuilder Healthcare Platform

Daybuilder is a self-monitoring platform created by the Danish software company specializing in IT for healthcare. It helps those with chronic mental illnesses to monitor their condition through a process called “telepsychiatry” by visualizing the data for an easier overview of symptoms for both individuals and their clinical practitioners.

Our challenge was to make Daybuilder recognizable just by its sign and deliver core brand advantages: good usability, security and customizability. Given that a heart is a vital organ that resembles the letter B, we have applied this discovery to Daybuilder logotype.

Within a year after the launch Daybuilder founders have partnered with the Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen, won IBM Cloud Award and were invited to present Daybuiler at the US Ambassador’s residency. Ultimately, they negotiated an M&A deal with one of the biggest IT healthcare companies in Denmark.