The path of the creative: rethinking and redesigning the 6th Festival of Belarusian advertising

,.!adnak Advertising Festival

,.!adnak is a Belarusian advertising and communications festival that aims at promotion of Belarusian language among creatives. It’s been held for five years already, thanks to support of the cultural organization Budzma Belarusami! and one of the main local marketing media What makes adnak festival life-changing is the ambiguous situation with Belarusian language that over the past century has been completely replaced with Russian in all spheres of our life.

Ever since the first adnak festival has been introduced to professional community, advertising environment in Belarus has drastically changed as well. An advertiser itself was in the spotlight; and that is how The path of the creative concept was born.

The concept called for simple indentity that could reveal the story behind the challenging path of the creative: it starts with comma, or doubts, and finishes with exclamation – a great insight that can bring fame. The path of the creative concept encouraged advertising community to join forces and revive Belarusian language. Results were inspiring: 370 entrees from 150 participants had presence in 23 categories.

Culmination of the adnak-2015 was a big festival day on July 2nd, when advertising workshops and an award ceremony took place. Famous Belarusian actors and musicians arrived to support the festival and help the whole advertising community to promote Belarusian language and therefore make a difference.

Photo: Aliaksandr Zhdanovich / Journalistic agency "Tarantiny i syny" /

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