On Foot Strategist Darya Loban is an expert and author at The Branding Journal

“Identity with an open ending: how brands become more agile” is an analytics about a new approach to brands, when relevance replaces stability, and companies launch trademarks in beta versions, transforming and improving them on the way. Darya reasons upon differences between new and outdated approaches and provides examples of agile identity from experience of Sagmeister and Walsh, Wolff Olins and On Foot.

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– The main objective for this website is to create a platform where people can get inspired and interact about brand strategies. We believe the content is more interesting when it comes from several authors around the world who share their expertise, cultural knowledge and ideas with the community. Today we are honored to have Darya as part of the team, and are really looking forward to reading her future publications! – Marion Andrivet, The Branding Journal Editor.